Sue Gent

Sue Gent

Sittingbourne North

I have lived in Swale for the past 44 years and I have been a Borough Councillor for the past 16 years, therefore, I believe I have the knowledge and experience to be a good Kent County Councillor representing Sittingbourne North.

I will be campaigning for better services, aiming always for excellent quality and value for money provided by you the tax payer.

I will campaign for better road improvements at the Grovehurst junction of the A249 and the Northern Relief Road to ease congestion in Sittingbourne Town Centre. I would like to see potholes and pavements repaired, dirty or damaged road signs replaced, worn road markings repainted, street lighting fixed and roadside verges cleared of litter.

I will be campaigning also for better schools and more school places and better adult social care for the sick, elderly and disable.

Street safety is also a concern and I will be looking to reduce speeding traffic to 20mph in all residential areas, particularly, outside schools.

I will support our police, PCSOs and Community Wardens in seeking to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and help set up Neighbourhood Watch schemes with residents where needed.