Sarah Hamilton

Candidate in tunbridge_wells for Tunbridge Wells Rural.

It is an honour to be your Conservative candidate for KCC Tunbridge Wells Rural Division

I was born in Tunbridge Wells and have lived in the area for most of my life. Our home is in Paddock Wood where I first joined the local Town Council. I served as its chairman for four years and was elected to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council in 2015.

In the spirit of Localism I care very much about people having the opportunity to have a say in the future of their own area. To that end I was responsible for driving forward a Neighbourhood Plan for Paddock Wood.

Serving on the Borough Council Planning Committee has put me into very close contact with the challenges to meet the need for future housing.

I have worked with KCC officers on the risks of flooding and recognise the urgent need for improved infrastructure including roads and front line services to support future growth.

Infrastructure urgently needs to be addressed along with a thorough understanding of the impacts in our rural areas. Good communication with residents, who know their area best, is essential to maintain quality of life.

I have professional qualifications in health as well as teaching and enjoyed a long career combining both in schools as well as further / higher education and universities. I am a qualified nurse and also hold honours and masters degrees. I am committed to working to maintain excellence in front line health care services and quality education with opportunities for all.

I am also very keen to promote the welfare of animals and our wildlife along with protection of the natural and historic environment.

If you elect me as your County Councillor I will always remember that I am your representative at County Hall. I will ensure your voice is heard and your views are taken into account when decisions are made.

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