Rosalind Binks

Candidate in thanet for Broadstairs.

I am the candidate for Broadstairs, where I have lived for the last 30 years, just a stone’s throw from where I grew up. After graduating from Southampton University, I worked in Switzerland and Norway for nearly 20 years before becoming a reluctant but seasoned commuter to the City on returning to the UK. Initially a foreign exchange trader, I managed the funding and trading activities of several non-British international banks here and overseas before retiring in 2011.

Since then I have served as a Town Councillor for Broadstairs & St Peter’s, including 3 years as Mayor and Chairman of the Council, and a stint of 4 years on Thanet District Council. During that time I developed a great admiration for the superb work of numerous volunteers in our town and a healthy aversion to petty bureaucracy and waste of public money.

Despite the presence of countless clubs and organisations, not everybody is a retiree in Broadstairs & St Peter’s. Whilst tourism is hugely important to the economy, our youngsters also deserve higher-performing schools, better transport connections (including Manston Airport) and a variety of skilled and well-paid local jobs enabling them to remain in the area.

Change is inevitable but should always be measured against the impact on quality of life. Residents need a strong voice to challenge decisions and they need councillors willing to fight their corner at all levels of local government.

Contact Rosalind Binks:
01843 869484