Peter Oakford

Candidate in tunbridge_wells for Tunbridge Wells North.

Peter Oakford – A local Councillor, working on local issues for local people.

Peter is a local councillor with 10 ten years’ experience supporting local residents. Since taking early retirement from the International Energy Industry, where he spend 30 years he now works full time as a local councillor in Tunbridge Wells and as a member of the KCC’s Executive Cabinet.

Peter is proud of what he has been able to achieve locally including, following many years of stagnation the planning approval & start of the Southborough Hub development and the 20MPH zone for a large residential area within St Johns. His focus is safer roads for ALL users and support for young people and the organisations that do so much great work supporting them. He is happy to have been able to support many of these organisations during the past 4 years. However, he says it is the residents that he represents that will set the priorities for him to work on if re-elected as they have in previous years.

At Kent County Council Peter has the Cabinet responsibility for the County Childrens Services and works with the council’s officers and staff in addition to local organisations across the county to safeguard and support the most vulnerable children within the community. He is also responsible for lobbying government on all Childrens issues one of which was a national dispersal programme for ‘unaccompanied asylum seeking children’. Another success as a national scheme to support Kent is now in operation.

He is also a member of the National Local Government Association Childrens and Young Peoples Board.

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