Mark Dance

Candidate in canterbury for Whitstable West.

Mark Dance strongly supports his community in Whitstable not just through his work at County Hall.

Mark has strong links with the sea and is exceedingly proud to be Chairman of Whitstable Maritime and is working with the harbour officials over a visitor centre as well as restoring the last Whitstable Fishing Smack.

As an ex Hydrographic Surveyor he has concerns over global warming and rising sea levels. Higher sea walls will not be acceptable to a great deal of Whitstable residents. “An offshore solution is required to take the power out of North East gales and flood risk through wave topping.”

At County Hall Mark helps drive the economy as the Cabinet member of economic development. He has been the driving force behind the Regional growth fund creating thousands of jobs. The recycled funds are ready to go out again launch date 12th January 2017.

Mark is well aware of the massive tourist Industry seeing some 60 million visitors in Kent last year and he sees Whitstable playing a big part in that Economy.

Finally he is concerned that visitor numbers and residents needs and aspirations can complement each other.

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