Graham Jarvis

Graham Jarvis

Maidstone Central

Graham Jarvis - Supporting Local Businesses and Employment Growth

I am honoured to be selected as one of the candidates for Maidstone Central Division for the Kent County Council Elections. As a married, doting father to twin daughters, and as a school governor, I want all children to have the opportunity to profit from a good and varied education: From nursery school to university; they should be given an education that helps them to find a rewarding future.

Also, as a local businessman - a freelance journalist and P.R consultant with more than 18 years of experience, I want to see local businesses prosper by supporting the development and growth of Kent's economy to attract new businesses and employment.

I particularly feel that it's important to attract new businesses to the local area - including to the High Street and Week Street where a number of shops have been closing. With faster transport links to London and the surrounding towns and cities, I would like to see Maidstone and Kent itself attracting more entrepreneurial talent by making the town and the county the best place to do business - from start-ups to corporates and more established businesses to offer opportunities for everyone.

The NHS, the promotion of green spaces such as the wonderful Mote Park, the reduction in through-traffic that doesn't stop in Maidstone, the improvement of parking and housing are amongst the other key issues that I intend to make part of my campaign in the elections.