Graham Gibbens

Graham Gibbens

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I believe in working closely with local residents groups and keeping in touch with local people. As well as my regular newsletters I hold an annual report back meeting and am always ready to meet people and help with their problems.

I am delighted that the Kingsmead Field has now been granted Village Green status by Kent County Council. It’s a campaign I’ve long supported and will give future generations access to green space in the centre of Canterbury. I have used my KCC Member Grant to fund benches and an outdoor table tennis table for Kingsmead Field.

One of my top priorities is the health of our children and this is why I have pioneered Smoke Free Play Areas and Smoke Free School Gates. There’s been a noticeable reduction in smoking where this project has been introduced and I am now working to include more play areas and school gates in the scheme.

At Kent County Council I have responsibility for Adult Social Care and Public Health and have championed the case for more funding for care. I am presently challenging central Government to properly fund adult social care.