Gary Cooke

Gary Cooke

Maidstone South East

As the County Councillor for Maidstone South East for me it will always be LISTENING TO AND PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST.

I always work closely with local resident groups and stay in touch with local people. Residents help determine which projects receive funding from my Members Grants at "YOU DECIDE" events. I also stay In Touch via leaflets, parish magazines, resident's associations, parish councils, Annual Residents Meetings and I am always ready to meet people and help with their problems.

I am a trustee of a local NATURE RESERVE and I am also a trustee of FUSION in Park Wood.

One of my priorities has been to see the quality of our local primary schools improve. I provide support to all our local schools and have arranged for local pupils to visit County Hall where they were able to meet and debate in the Council Chamber. I have provided new computers, new books, new outside learning opportunities and have even personally taught lessons. I am delighted therefore to see that Ofsted are now rating both Leeds and Broomfield and Senacre Woods primary schools as GOOD SCHOOLS. It is also really pleasing to see improvement across all our other local schools as well.

I am passionate about the problems that Dementia poses and have provided financial support to our elderly. As a cabinet member at KCC I champion the case of care for our elderly and just as importantly their "CARERS".

I am also passionate about HOUSING in and around Maidstone and believe fervently that new housing should only be developed where infrastructure exists to support it. Maidstone South East is log jammed every day with traffic congestion because planners at Maidstone Borough Council have ignored the voices of thousands of local people who demanded more reasonable housing levels and more sensible locations. I AGREE WITH THOSE VOICES AND SUPPORT THOSE VOICES.

I have opposed the borough council's local plans because the housing number is too high and the existing congestion is already too great. I also want to see and have personally championed a Leeds / Langley Relief Road to be developed as soon as possible to provide relief to residents living in Leeds, Otham, Downswood, Willington Street and Shepway who suffer daily due to excessive levels of congestion.