David Butler

David Butler

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Dartford North East

I'm delighted to be a candidate this May for Dartford North East, I work in facilities management and, as someone who commutes to London, I appreciate how important local transport links are.

What is important is not just for me to say what I think should be happening, but to ensure everyone has a say and is heard! I want to ensure the right people are held accountable on the issues that matter to you, such as education, healthcare and traffic. It's also my aim to work together and use what influence I would have as a county councillor for Borough Council issues.

Dartford is a fast growing community and faces a number of issues, I want to ensure someone speaks up to ensure that local residents voices are being heard, I also feel that these issues are best dealt with by someone who is a resident here.

If I become a county councillor I will keep residents updated through my website and with newsletters. I think that it is important for people to know what their local councillor has been up to and to be able to have their say about the issues that are important to them.

I enjoy running and going to the gym in Dartford. I enjoy travelling and I like to cook. I love football and I follow a team in London and Dartford FC.

This really isn't to do with politics and is everything to do with making Dartford a better place to live. To do that, I want to understand the local issues that people have here and then work hard with local residents to try and solve them rather than pointlessly talk politics.