David Brazier

David Brazier

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Candidate in sevenoaks for Sevenoaks Rural North East.

I've lived in my division of Sevenoaks North-East for nearly forty years and after a career in marine surveying became a County Councillor nearly twenty years ago.

I live in New Ash Green with my extended family and am very much part of the local community, working closely with the District Council and four Parish Councils, my local schools and the many clubs and organisations that make the area such a delightful place to live.

I find that being a County Councillor is a multi-faceted job. On the one hand I am answerable to my electorate and relish the challenge of resolving their enquiries and problems with highways and transport, school admissions , social care and young people; I always visit people who contact me and will represent them when they wish it. On the other hand I have a busy life at County Hall as Vice-Chairman of the Council and with other duties concerned with the governance of our county. Thirdly, I have worked with other Trustees at Turner Contemporary in Margate and am a busy member of the Cyclopark Trust at Gravesend. I am, of course, a school governor.

I have been able to fund many local highways schemes and community projects. I try to be imaginative and encourage work with young people, the environment and the local churches that do such valuable work.

Being a County Councillor has ceased to be something I do and is now what I am. My appetite for the work has never diminished.

Outside the job, I volunteer at Ightham Mote, a National Trust property near Sevenoaks, where I talk to visitors about Tudor history. I am an horologist and restore antique clocks when not riding my bike to keep youthfully fit.