Cheryl Taylor-Maggio

Cheryl Taylor-Maggio

Maidstone North East

I am the Conservative Candidate for Maidstone North East in the Kent County Council Elections in May 2017. I support the Prime Minister's intention to seek a new and equal partnership - between an independent, self-governing Global Britain and our friends and allies in the European Union. We are leaving the EU, not Europe.

A magazine editor and former National newspaper journalist, I have been a parish councillor for eight years and I'm Chairman of Langley Parish Council, as well as Vice Chairman of the Kent Association of Local Councils.

I recently represented local residents at the Local Plan Inquiry. One of my deep concerns for our Liberal-led County town is solving the problem of building affordable homes for our young people while preserving the environment they will inherit. I will work with the County Council to protect the environment and heritage of North East Maidstone, while supporting suitable development for local people.

As a Maidstone resident, I share local people's concerns about traffic, speeding motorists and air pollution. I am a keen walker and cyclist. As a mother, I have worried deeply in the past about my son's safety on the way to and from school. I will campaign for 20 mph limits in areas close to schools in Maidstone North East, as well as traffic calming measures, a Park & Ride site to the north of the M20 to ease congestion at Junction 7, plus the redevelopment of Maidstone East railway station, all of which will improve safety and air quality.

Parking is one of residents' major concerns in Maidstone North East, in particular commuter parking. Increasing the cost of parking will only hit the pockets of hard working local people and not deter commuters. I will campaign to address the problems of commuter parking.

Above all, I will stand up for fair play, whether getting a fair deal for Maidstone's Nepalese community, providing funding for traffic calming and road improvements or balancing necessary development with a decent quality of life for our existing residents.