Charlie Simkins

Charlie Simkins

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Ashford Rural West

I have been the Kent County Councillor for your Division since May 2013. I have lived in Egerton for thirty years and fully appreciate the importance of maintaining Ashford Rural West's rural charm whilst embracing the challenges of a rising population and the increasing pressures on development.

Serving as a Justice of the Peace until last year I became fully aware of the diverse problems facing the County and I have used my position on a wide range of committees to influence policy at KCC. These include planning, the environment, economic growth and the control of expenditure.

My main priority is to serve my constituents by listening to their individual problems and working with the twelve Parish Councils in my Division. These range from attempts to limit the increasing congestion in rural roads, acting as a ‘go between’ in planning issues and helping parents to fight and win school appeals. I will continue to utilise my Members Grant in as wide and effective way as possible across the Division.

I am committed to serving all my constituents by standing up for the wider community and I would ask you to vote for me on 4 May.