Andy Booth

Andy Booth

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I am proud to be the Conservative candidate for the Isle of Sheppey. I have been a councillor at local Parish and Borough levels for over 10 years and I've served the community to the best of my ability.

I was born in and have lived all my life in Kent. My profession and entrepreneurial business interests take me around the UK and Internationally but my commitment to the local community is beyond reproach.

I've a number of local voluntary and managerial roles, I have proudly represented at Village, Parish and Borough. I am enthusiastic on Planning issues and I'm keen to ensure appropriate levels of development and continued protection of the natural elements in the County. Additional Committee positions on Scrutiny, Policy, Audit and Local Development ensure skilled knowledge of current and future aspirations.

I am keen to help local residents live in a safer and healthier environment and I've a passion for the community's voice to be effective in the Council chambers and my pragmatic approach to resolving challenges makes me the primary candidate for the County. I have a proven track record and my ability to respond appropriately in even the most difficult of situations offers the comfort and professionalism for an effective councillor.

I will continue to be a strong voice for all residents in our community so that they can have appropriate access to essential services. I want our children and young people to be able to attend outstanding local schools and access high quality educational opportunities including enhanced training and apprenticeships.

I will press for continued work to improve our highways, address speeding issues and poor repairs to ensure safety for all road users. I believe our residents deserve to enjoy a good quality of life without feeling isolated too, communication at all levels is essential, especially to those less able to access high speed connections.

Housing issues are very high on the priority list, whilst I'm sympathetic to the requirements - I'm also conscious we must retain the status of our smaller villages and rural areas without overdeveloping and creating too much sprawl.