Andrew Cook

Andrew Cook

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Herne Bay East

I am very pleased to have been considered and then selected to stand as Herne Bay's East /Central KCC candidate for the Conservative Party in the coming Kent County Council elections in May 2017. I promise to give the commitment, energy and strength I have shown as a district councillor, to this position.

My passion has been and is focused on the Regeneration and Revitalisation of Herne Bay. Making sure that everyone knows that our Town and Residents have a good strong future, rather than being left on the back burner.

At the same time many will know that I am there to help with a vast variety of issues to assist individuals and community groups.

Having been a businessman in the town for over twenty five years, I am fully aware of how business can be quite tricky in a small seaside town, so I will continue to do whatever I can, working towards increasing the footfall of the town to make it more vibrant.

My eyes are open to the outside world, as much inspiration can be found by those that have succeeded already. Having already held a position of responsibility within Canterbury City Council, I believe this will hold me in good stead to represent Herne Bay in Kent County Council.