Alan Bartlett

Alan Bartlett

Maidstone Central

I am honoured to be selected as one of the candidates for Maidstone Central Division for the Kent County Council Elections. As a former pupil of Maidstone Grammar School I welcome Theresa May’s public commitment to grammar schools. They are an excellent way to ensure that children of all abilities can flourish. If elected I will ensure that our excellent grammar schools continue offer a first-class education while promoting our other schools so that every child is given every opportunity to achieve their potential.

I would like to improve transport for the town. The roads are often congested and an extra river crossing would reduce the number of cars that have to travel through the town centre and reduce pollution. I will also campaign for better rail services for Maidstone both to London and surrounding towns. This will be give a significant boost to Maidstone’s economy.

The difficult parking situation in Maidstone is both a nuisance for residents who struggle to park near their houses and makes it harder for businesses and shops to attract customers. I will work to offer residents greater priority to parking in residential areas and offer more reasonably priced parking in the town centre.

I believe it is important to keep taxes as low as possible to make Maidstone as attractive to business as possible and to increase employment in the borough. It is also a vital part in ensuring the cost of living in the town is kept to a minimum so residents can keep as more of their hard-earned money.