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Ashford Central

Paul Bartlett

I have lived in Ashford for over 40 years so understand the area very well. By becoming a County Councillor as well as a Borough Councillor, I will ensure what you want to happen in Ashford Central is delivered.
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Ashford East

Larry Krause

As your Conservative Candidate for Ashford East it is important that we form partnerships within the community to better life’s standards to be enjoyed by the all the people of the Division.

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Ashford Rural East

Clair Bell

I have been a borough councillor at Ashford for the past 10 years, representing a rural ward and working closely with parish councils to protect villages from unsuitable development whilst at the same time endeavouring to keep our rural communities thriving and sustainable.

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Ashford Rural South

Mike Angell

Mike is an experienced Councillor and seeks re-election. At County Hall he is Chairman of Health Overview Scrutiny Committee, member of the Planning Committee and Chairman of the General Purposes Committee of the Fire and Rescue Service.
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Ashford Rural West

Charlie Simkins

I have lived in Egerton for thirty years and fully appreciate the importance of maintaining Ashford Rural West's rural charm whilst embracing the challenges of a rising population and the increasing pressures on development.
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Ashford South

David Robey

I was brought up in a Council House, but I went to Grammar School, then to Oxford University, and I had a successful business career. I have been in Ashford for twelve years, and I live near Charing with my wife.

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Ashford Tenterden

Mike Hill

I am standing again for the Tenterden Division having represented this lovely area at Kent County Council since 2001. I have been very pleased during this time to work with Parish Councils and local Groups to tackle many of the issues which affect people's lives.
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Canterbury City North

Graham Gibbens

I believe in working closely with local residents groups and keeping in touch with local people. As well as my regular newsletters I hold an annual report back meeting and am always ready to meet people and help with their problems.
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Canterbury City South

Joe Egerton

I will turn 65 in April 2017 and have no ambition other than to use my talents and experience to achieve change for the better over a four year term as county councillor.

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Canterbury North

John Simmonds

I am a lifetime resident of Kent. Brought up in Broadstairs and educated in Ramsgate. Lived in Whitstable since 1964. Three children all educated in Canterbury and six grandchildren, three educated in Canterbury.

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Canterbury South

Michael Northey

I have been the Conservative member for Canterbury South East on Kent County Council since 2005. I am a retired secondary school teacher, with extensive teaching experience in various types of school.This has given me valuable insight for my current role as deputy cabinet member for education and health reform.
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Herne Bay East

Andrew Cook

I am very pleased to have been considered and then selected to stand as Herne Bay's East /Central KCC candidate for the Conservative Party in the coming Kent County Council elections in May 2017. I promise to give the commitment, energy and strength I have shown as a district councillor, to this position.

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Herne Village & Sturry

Alan Marsh

Alan Marsh was elected to the County Council in May 2005 as the Conservative Member for Herne and Sturry. He is an Aviation Consultant with over 38 years experience in the aviation industry. Alan has recently been leading a select committee of cross party councillors on bus services in Kent.

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Whitstable East & Herne Bay West

Ian Thomas

I live in Swalecliffe ward and my children grew up here. It is our home and I am as proud of and passionate about it as you are. I have represented Chestfield and Swalecliffe at City Council for 17 years, fighting for improvements such as the skate park near Long Rock and flood prevention work at Swalecliffe Brook.

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Whitstable West

Mark Dance

Mark Dance strongly supports his community in Whitstable not just through his work at County Hall. Mark has strong links with the sea and is exceedingly proud to be Chairman of Whitstable Maritime and is working with the harbour officials over a visitor centre as well as restoring the last Whitstable Fishing Smack.

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Dartford East

Penny Cole

I am really pleased to have been selected to stand for the Dartford East seat for the third time. This seat has now expanded to include the Castle Ward and if elected I am looking forward Meeting many of the residents and tackling the issues that cause difficulties for the residents
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Dartford North East

David Butler

I'm delighted to be a candidate this May for Dartford North East. Dartford is a fast growing community and faces a number of issues, I want to ensure someone speaks up to ensure that local residents voices are being heard, I also feel that these issues are best dealt with by someone who is a resident here.
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Dartford Rural

Jeremy Kite

Jeremy has been Leader of Dartford Borough Council since February 2006 and serves as a Borough Councillor for Longfield, New Barn & Southfleet. He is also Chairman of the local Parish Council. Under his leadership, the Council has transformed to an authority high on delivery and low on bureaucracy.
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Dartford West

Jan Ozog

Jan was first elected to the County Council in June 2009 and is the Conservative Member for Dartford West. He is a house husband, looking after his children whilst his wife, Julie, works full time in London. Previous to this he worked as a Duty Manager at an Arts/Community Centre.

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Swanscombe & Greenhithe

Keith Kelly

Keith has served on Dartford Borough Council since 2011. He represents the Greenhithe ward and is the cabinet member for Transport and Infrastructure. Keith works for Raven Housing Trust and his wife works at Darent Valley hospital.

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Ann Allen MBE

Ann was elected to the County Council in May 1997, as the Conservative Member for Dartford South West, now Wilmington. She is a retired catering officer for the Dartford Hospitals and is a former foster carer.

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Deal & Walmer

Derek Murphy

My name is Derek Murphy. I want to represent you as your County Councillor because I believe Deal and Walmer residents deserve a more effective presence at County Hall.
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Deal and Walmer

Trevor Bond

I am married with 3 children and I have lived in the Deal & Walmer area for over 21 years. During that time I have served the local community as a Deal Town Councillor 6 years and as a Dover District Councillor for Middle Deal & Sholden for 10 years.
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Dover North

Steve Manion

Steve Manion has represented people in the Dover area at KCC and Dover District Council for many years and is very committed to public service. He is Dover District Council’s and Kent County Council’s representative on The Industrial Communities Alliance (the Coalfield Communities Campaign).
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Dover Town

Nigel Collor

Nigel Collor has Dover in his blood having been born, worked and lived in Dover all his life. Nigel has been a District Councillor since 2000 and has worked extensively to improve the area particularly the transport connectivity.
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Dover Town

Pauline Beresford

Pauline has lived in 4 of the Dover Town districts and is well aware of the problems people encounter as Dover Town has 3 of the most deprived areas in Kent, Pauline would like to encourage KCC to provide more resources.
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Dover West

Geoff Lymer

Geoff was first elected to KCC as the Conservative Member for Dover West in 2013. He lives in Alkham and is deputy cabinet member for Specialist Children’s Services.

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Sue Chandler

Sue Chandler has been involved in the community in and around Ash for many years, she spent some time as Chairman of Ash Cartwright and Kelsey Primary School, and more recently has represented the ward of Little Stour and Ashstone as a District Councillor.
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Gravesend East

Alan Ridgers

My name is Alan Ridgers. I have lived in Gravesend since 1960, attended school here and worked in the cement industry and local government until I retired. I have been in the local council since the last elections and my portfolio includes sport and leisure.
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Gravesend East

Diane Marsh

My name is Diane Marsh and I have lived in Gravesham for over 30 years raising my family here and working in and around the Borough. I have been the County Councillor for Gravesham East since we won a by-election in August 2016 with a 9% swing from Labour.
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Gravesham Rural

Bryan Sweetland

‘My campaign to protect the countryside’. For the last 10 years I have been leading the fight against the building of Lower Thames Crossing ‘Option C’. I have voted against a crossing at Gravesham at every opportunity and I will continue the fight to protect our villages and countryside.
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Northfleet & Gravesend West

Conrad Broadley

I am a local resident from Dover Road aged 49, married with four children and six grandchildren, I am passionate about the area I live in and have a good track record of helping residents resolve their problems from litter, housing and antisocial behaviour.

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Northfleet & Gravesend West

Gary Harding

My name is Gary Harding and I was born in Gravesend in 1961 and lived here most of my life. After almost 30 years working as an Artworker/Graphic Designer in London for Marks and Spencer, I was made redundant and there followed by two years of unemployment.

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Maidstone Central

Alan Bartlett

I am honoured to be selected for Maidstone Central for the Kent County Council Elections. As a former pupil of Maidstone Grammar School I welcome Theresa May’s public commitment to grammar schools and I would like to improve transport for the town.
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Maidstone Central

Graham Jarvis

As a married father to twin daughters, and as a school governor, I want all children to have the opportunity to profit from a good and varied education: From nursery school to university; they should be given an education that helps them to find a rewarding future.
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Maidstone North East

Cheryl Taylor-Maggio

A magazine editor and former National newspaper journalist, I have been a parish councillor for eight years and I’m Chairman of Langley Parish Council, as well as Vice Chairman of the Kent Association of Local Councils.
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Maidstone Rural East

Shellina Prendergast

Following a successful 20 year career in communications, I moved to Kent, drawn by the quality of life in the countryside and access to a first-class grammar school education for my children.
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Maidstone Rural North

Paul Carter CBE

Paul has been a County Councillor for 20 years representing the Maidstone Rural North ward. Paul has been Leader of Kent County Council since 2005 and he has overseen massive transformation in the delivery of front line services to residents across Kent.
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Maidstone Rural South

Eric Hotson

Eric was elected to the County Council in June 2001 as the Conservative Member for Maidstone Rural South. He retired from Kingsfords, solicitors in May 2013, having been with the firm since 1978. Eric has also served as a Borough Councillor was Mayor of Maidstone in 2010/11.
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Maidstone Rural West

Paulina Stockell

Paulina was born, educated and lived in Kent all her life. She attended Thanet School of Art and graduated from Canterbury College of Art, Kent University and Christchurch University College. She and her family have lived in rural Maidstone weald for over 40 years where she worked as a secondary school teacher.
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Maidstone South

Paul Cooper

I am delighted to have been selected as the Conservative Candidate for Maidstone South for May’s Kent County Council elections. I look forward to meeting with residents across the area in the coming months, listening to your opinions and concerns and working with the wider community to work for everyone.
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Maidstone South East

Gary Cooke

As the County Councillor for Maidstone South East I always work closely with local resident groups and stay in touch with local people. Residents help determine which projects receive funding from my Members Grants at “YOU DECIDE” events.
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Sevenoaks North & Darent Valley

Roger Gough

I have been proud to represent Darent Valley on the County Council. I hope in future to represent both current constituents and those from Otford, Kemsing and Seal, who will join the new Sevenoaks North and Darent Valley Division.
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Sevenoaks Rural North East

David Brazier

I’ve lived in my division of Sevenoaks North-East for nearly forty years and after a career in marine surveying became a County Councillor nearly twenty years ago. I live in New Ash Green with my extended family and am very much part of the local community.
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Sevenoaks Rural South

Peter Lake

I was born in Giggleswick, Yorkshire but have lived in Kent all my life. On leaving school I joined the Army as a private soldier in the Royal West Kent Regiment. I was commissioned in the Royal Armoured Corps and served as a troop leader.
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Sevenoaks Town

Margaret Crabtree

I have lived and worked in Sevenoaks for 34 years serving on the Town Council for 12 years, and twice had the honour of being the Sevenoaks Town Mayor and, four years ago, was privileged to be elected as the Kent County Council member for Sevenoaks Central.

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Sevenoaks West

Nick Chard

Nick was first elected to Kent County Council in May 1997 as the Member for Sevenoaks East. Nick has held a wide variety of posts at KCC including being Chairman of the Economic Development Board. He is currently Chairman of the Kent Fire and Rescue Authority. Nick and his family live in Sevenoaks.
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Michael Horwood

Michael was elected to KCC in the by election for Swanley in October 2016 following the death of Robert Brookbank. At 29 he is the youngest County Councillor and has shown considerable energy in taking up issues for his residents particularly with Kent Highways.
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Cheriton, Sandgate & Hythe East

Rory Love

Rory has gained a reputation for speaking up for local residents throughout his time as a Shepway councillor. Now, he wants to ensure the same at KCC.
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Elham Valley

Susan Carey

I’m campaigning for better broadband and mobile phone access. 95% of Kent homes will have access to superfast broadband by the end of 2017 thanks to investment by KCC but there’s more to be done.
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Folkestone East

Dick Pascoe

An ex firefighter in Kent, married with two adult children. A very experienced Councillor both at town, district and with Kent County Council.
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Folkestone West

David Monk

I am a happily married man and father of four adult children. It has been my privilege to represent the residents of Shepway as an elected District Councillor for over 20 years - the last 4 of which as Leader of SDC.
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Hythe West

David Owen

My name is David Owen and I came to Hythe firstly as a child in 1951 and with only a gap of 15 years when my family moved to Surrey, I have lived in this area ever since and been resident in Hythe for the past 42 years.
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Romney Marsh

Tony Hills

Hello I'm Tony Hills and I have lived on the Romney Marsh coast for the last thirty years, I grew up in Richmond-upon-Thames and after a career in Advertising & Marketing I decided to relocate to Greatstone where I spent many happy summers.
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David Simmons

It is a great honour to have been chosen as the Conservative Candidate for Faversham for the Kent County Council elections. Having lived in Faversham all my life I truly care about the town, the community and local residents.
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Andy Booth

Born and living in Kent, my profession and entrepreneurial business interests takes me around the world but my commitment to local community is beyond reproach.

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Ken Pugh

I have lived on the Island for 19 years as a Parish, Borough and former KCC Councillor. I am an active community leader with an ambition and drive to “get things done” for the Isle of Sheppey. I have pledged to improve the provision of care for the elderly and vulnerable.
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Sittingbourne North

Sue Gent

I have lived in Swale for the past 44 years and I have been a Borough Councillor for the past 16 years, therefore, I believe I have the knowledge and experience to be a good Kent County Councillor representing Sittingbourne North.
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Sittingbourne South

John Wright

Having had many years of dealing with local issues as a borough councillor, I know I will make an effective Kent County Councillor, bringing together the resources Sittingbourne needs.
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Swale East

Andrew Bowles

Retired Father of two.




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Swale West

Mike Whiting

Swale is my home. I grew up and was educated in the area. When I left school I worked in the local newspaper industry. I live in Bobbing with my wife and our children went to secondary schools in Sittingbourne.
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Birchington & Rural

Emma Dawson

My name is Emma Dawson and I have lived locally in Thanet since I was 8 years old and am very aware of the passion that the people have in Thanet and how important it is to have a strong voice to represent them.
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Birchington & Rural

Ken Gregory

I am Ken Gregory, a former firefighter, and have served on Thanet District Council for 22 years. My particular interests, and skills, include Strategic planning, highways, Broadband provision and elderly care.
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Rosalind Binks

I am the candidate for Broadstairs, where I have lived for the last 30 years. Residents need a strong voice to challenge decisions and they need councillors willing to fight their corner at all levels of local government.
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Lesley Game

My name is Lesley Game, a District Councillor living in and representing Cliftonville East Ward. I am not a career politician but someone who is working hard for the community. I would like to become a County Councillor to tackle larger issues for all of Thanet.
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Kerry Boyd

Hey there, my name's Kerry and I am delighted to be standing as the candidate for Margate Ward. I was born and bred in Thanet and I am standing because I am passionate about young people's issues, education and community engagement.
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Marc Rattigan

Marc Rattigan has a wide experience and a background in Healthcare, Media and Business Management. The younger generation are under-represented in local government and he wants to change this so that every generation has a voice.
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Paul Messenger

I was educated at Chatham House School Ramsgate and then went on to College to study Transport and Logistics. In later life I followed a career in the local entertainment industry helping to promote the area, its businesses and economy.
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Tonbridge And Malling

Malling Central

Dougie Dick

I have lived in Larkfield for 20 years and my children have grew up and were educated locally so I have seen the changes over the years. I am passionate about my local area and this is one of the main reasons I am standing.
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Malling North

Sarah Hohler

Sarah was first elected to the County Council in May 1989 as the Conservative Member for Malling North. She is one of the longest serving councillors at KCC. She is currently Deputy Cabinet Member for Community Services.
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Malling North East

Peter Homewood

Peter was elected to the County Council in June 2009 as the Conservative member for Malling Rural North East. Peter lives on Blue Bell Hill has also served as a Borough Councillor representing the Blue Bell Hill and Walderslade ward.
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Malling Rural East

Matthew Balfour

I was born and brought up near West Malling. In recent years I have been involved in local government and I am now a Kent county councillor where I am the Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport.
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Malling Rural West

Harry Rayner

I have lived in Wrotham for the past 33 years. I have been active in local government either as a Parish or Tonbridge & Malling Borough Councillor, with a strong record as a vigorous countryside campaigner.
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Richard Long

Richard was first elected to the County Council in May 2005. He is a solicitor, a Territorial Army Officer and he served as a non-executive Director on the Maidstone and Weald NHS Primary Care Trust from 2001 to 2006.
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Michael Payne

Michael is proud to call himself a man of Kent and has always lived in the county. Apart from his political interests Michael has had a business career spanning 35 years running his own business in retail and establishing another in agriculture.
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Tunbridge Wells


Sean Holden

Sean was elected to Kent County Council in May 2013 for Cranbrook where he lives with his family. Sean is Deputy Cabinet Member for Economic Development and serves on the Rural Board.
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Tunbridge Wells East

Paul Barrington-King

I began life growing up in a council flat, living with my widowed mother. I quickly learned that by dint of hard work and ambition I had an opportunity to improve my life ergo the school of 'hard knocks'!
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Tunbridge Wells North

Peter Oakford

Peter is a local councillor with 10 ten years’ experience supporting local residents. Since taking early retirement from the International Energy Industry, he now works full time as a local councillor in Tunbridge Wells and as a member of the KCC’s Executive Cabinet.
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Tunbridge Wells Rural

Sarah Hamilton

I was born in Tunbridge Wells and have lived in the area for most of my life. Our home is in Paddock Wood where I first joined the local Town Council. I was responsible for driving forward a Neighbourhood Plan for Paddock Wood.

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Tunbridge Wells South

Catherine Rankin

I have been a local Borough Councillor for some years and many of you will know me by my previous name, Catherine Mayhew. I am now standing for election to Kent County Council, as I want to help and support residents.

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Tunbridge Wells West

James McInroy

I wish to improve people’s quality of life, regardless of political views. I passionately believe that public services should always put residents first with as little bureaucracy as possible, delivering quality and excellent value for money.
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